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Garfield Arms Apartments (San Luis Obispo)



Garfield Arms Apartments is. The apartments are situated within 16 minutes walking distance from the front entrance of Cal Poly University. Click here to see a Google Map.

College Atmosphere

Because of its location, the tenants at Garfield Arms Apartments are mostly freshman and sophomore Cal Poly students. This lends itself to creating a great college atmosphere and welcome any & all applicants.

Swimming Pool, Free Parking, & More

Amenities include a heated swimming pool, free on-site parking (1st come,1st serve basis), 2 large laundry rooms, optional furnished apartments. 

Garfield Arms has 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, and 2 options for the 2 bedroom units:standard size and large size. The standard 2 bedroom units can fit up to 3 tenants and the large 2 bedroom units, up to 4 tenants.

Schedule a tour!

During pre-lease season, the On-site Office hours for the Pre-Lease season are 8am-11:30pm, 1:30pm -5pm, Monday-Friday.

To schedule a tour around the building and to view the apartments, call the On-Site Manager, Steve 805-441-5622. Tour for the Pre-Lease Season of 2023-2024 will start in February 2023.

SLO Office Showings »

Friday, September 22nd

  • Showing: 437 Yerba Buena St. @ 02:00 pm

Monday, September 25th

  • Showing: 183 Stenner St. #7 (3 BR) @ 10:00 am