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[Updated 3/20/2020]

The County of San Luis Obispo and the State of California have issued orders instructing residents to stay at home except to obtain and provide essential services. As an essential service provider, California West remains open on a limited basis during this crisis. Our physical offices are closed to the public but we are still answering phones, responding to e-mails, and receiving mail and deliveries.

Please continue reporting emergency situations to us by telephone or e-mail. Our maintenance staff is operating on a reduced basis and will be responding to emergencies at occupied units and will be working one person at a time to prepare vacant units for occupancy. For everyone's health and safety we will not be responding to non-emergencies in occupied units. If you do require emergency maintenance work in an occupied unit then we will ask that you quarantine yourself in a separate room while our maintenance person is attending to whatever needs to be done at your unit.

During this crisis for the health and safety of our accounting staff we are encouraging residents to pay rent electronically through our online portal. There is no fee if you pay by eCheck. If you have not yet setup an online portal then please call or e-mail our office and we will send you information on how that is done.

If you are having trouble paying rent because of lost wages then please notify us immediately so that we may try to work with you and whomever owns the property where you reside to establish some sort of payment plan that works for everyone. We also encourage you to explore options with regard to collecting unemployment insurance and obtaining financial as may become available. Some of those options are explained at the following website:

We will continue making sure that the properties we manage are safe and secure during this crisis and we appreciate your help and support during these difficult times. 

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