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Resident Manager

The Hacienda Apartments at 190 California is looking for a resident manager. Compensation is $1,000 per month. Responsibilities include the following: 

  • To reside at the property;
  • To pick up trash and keep the laundry rooms clean;
  • To pick up trash around the property;
  • To vacuum the hallways and remove spider webs once per month;
  • To post notices when needed;
  • To show apartments to prospective tenants as needed and at mutually convenient times;
  • To deal with noise issues by calling the police as such issues arise;
  • To deal with emergencies if needed by calling California West's 24 hour line or by otherwise resolving the emergency;
  • To report burnt out light bulbs to office staff;
  • To call the trash company to remove large items as may be left at the trash bins and to keep the trash area picked up and orderly;
  • To report maintenance items as needed to office staff;
  • To inform residents to report maintenance items as needed to office staff;
  • To report suspicious behavior and report any graffiti to office staff;
  • To inform tenants of where to pay rent, but not accept any payments;
  • To walk the property regularly, locking the laundry room, reporting problems to office staff;
  • To notify/warn tenants if they are not complying with rules and regulations as they apply to the building and local ordinances; and
  • To tow vehicles as needed.

E-mail us at for more information or to submit an application. You may also drop off applications at either of our two offices. No phone calls please.

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