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Since San Luis Obispo is mostly a college community, we rent most of our SLO properties on a program that coincides with the academic year. Most properties are on 12 month leases beginning sometime between June and September.


In February and March, we contact current tenants to find out who will be renewing for another year. Once we collect that information, we then publish a list of availabilities. That list comes out on April 2nd. For three of our larger apartment buildings, the Garfield Arms, 607 Grand Apartments, 555 Westmont Apartments, and the Hacienda Apartments the list comes out on March 1st. 


For more information about 607 Grand, 555 Westmont, Garfield Arms an Hacienda Apartments, click on the links below:


Garfield Arms Apartments

555 Westmont Apartments

607 Grand Apartments

Hacienda Apartments


More information about move-in dates, rates, etc will be available when the listings come out on dates listed above.


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