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Looking for a rental?

We manage different types of property, from studios to 5 bedroom houses, apartment buildings, etc. Before calling our offices, please look at our listing, and see if you find anything that may work for you. Found something? Write down the address, and check our Show Time page to know when that property will be shown. If there is no showing scheduled for a specific property, call our offices and we can set up a showing. Did not find anything interesting? Our listing is updated every morning Monday – Friday, making it easier to visualize what is available to rent at a certain time. If you don’t find anything that fit your needs, visit our website again within a few days, since availability on properties can change on a daily basis. Everything that we have available for rent is listed on this website.

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Need an Application?

Important: you can only apply after you see the unit that you are interesting in from the inside with one of our representatives, or scheduled through our office. We do not accept applications for properties sight unseen.
Applications must be turned in via email to  Every applicant 18 years old or over needs an application. Application fee is $20 per applicant and $20 per co-signer, and must to be paid with credit card or debit card over the phone during this pandemic time till further notice.

Any further question, please contact our offices:
Properties from Santa Maria to Shell Beach – call Arroyo Grande office:805-489-9401
Properties from San Luis Obispo to Atascadero – call San Luis Obispo office:805-543-9119

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Want to visit a Rental?

Before you apply for any of our properties available on the listing, you must see the inside of the unit with one of our staff members. Look at our Show Time page to check when we will be showing a certain property. If there is no showing appearing, call our offices to set up one. If there are applications pending, we won’t be showing the property, unless we are not able to approve any of the applicants. Click on the link below for more information.

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