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Abbott Apartments (San Luis Obsipo)


The Abbott Apartments is conveniently located close to Cal Poly Campus, only a 12 mins walk. This apartment building has:

  • Parking at no cost for tenants
  • Pool
  • 2 laundry facilities
  • All units are 1 bedroom, 1 bath (2 tenants max)
  • Electric appliances
  • Water and trash included on the rent
  • Kitchen with dishwasher, refrigeratos and stove
  • Bus stop right in front of the building


The Pre-Lease Season for Abbott Apartments starts on February 2023, call the on-site manager for more information. 


For current rates and availability please call us at 805-441-5622.

SLO Office Showings »

Friday, September 22nd

  • Showing: 437 Yerba Buena St. @ 02:00 pm

Monday, September 25th

  • Showing: 183 Stenner St. #7 (3 BR) @ 10:00 am